Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dr Sylvia Knight - Head of Education

It’s the beginning of the new academic year, and my Inbox is full of requests from students for information about courses, careers and work experience, and from teachers and event organisers hoping for support from our Meteorology Ambassadors. A very positive development for this year is that we are trying to offer weather and climate training to as many geography PGCE students as possible, to give them confidence to teach it when they start their teaching careers. At the moment, we’ve got days booked with 14 Universities and hope to reach a few more. We’re also developing the support we give to primary teachers by working together with the Astra Zeneca Science Teaching Trust.

However, the most technologically exciting (and therefore challenging!) project that we’re involved with is the development of 3D classroom teaching resources, the sort where the students all wear funny glasses. We’ve been working on hurricane and weather systems resources in a consortium including schools, software developers and hardware suppliers and hope that they’ll be finished very soon – then we can start using them!

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